FRANKFORT, KY (April 25, 2022) — The 2022 Legislative Session of the Kentucky General Assembly concluded on Thursday, April 14. Included in this year’s road plan was funding for significant projects in Grant County. Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer (R-Georgetown) played an instrumental role in securing vital funding for the projects.


“Grant County is a part of what is known as the golden triangle, and I consider myself fortunate to serve as senator for the county and the 17th Senate District,” Thayer said. “We live in a wonderful state and region, and I go to Frankfort and do all I can to ensure our county and district are well represented. I feel confident we were successful on this front when looking at this year’s road plan and the state budget.”


Grant County projects receiving funding in this year’s biennial road plan include:


●       Over $4.5 million in design funds for updates to US 25 from KY 1994 to the KY 491 north junction.


Thayer successfully had the design funding for this project moved up to 2023 (from 2024) so the plan could move ahead more quickly.


●       $4.5 million for multiple bridge projects in the county:

○       $1 million for the design (2023) and construction (2024) of a bridge at Bullock Creek on KY 491.

○       $3.5 million to address deficiencies of the bridge on the north end of Delaney Road at the junction with US 25.


 “These projects will bring noticeable improvements to Grant County. I appreciate the support of my colleagues in the Kentucky General Assembly for agreeing funding was needed for these worthy projects,” Thayer said.


Finally, this year’s road plan also included funding for two resurfacing projects on I-75; $12.1 million to address conditions from mile points 145.5—152.112 in 2023 and $2.475 million to address conditions from mile points 164.4—166.263 in 2024.