Celebrating Independence Day 2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the challenges it caused, I believe this July Fourth will be most extraordinary. Perhaps more than any other time in our lives, we appreciate the liberties and opportunities America provides. I hope that together, as proud Kentuckians, we will continue to strive for unity and peace for our country and our people. We are one nation, and one people, under God, and unitedly we will continue to make our Founding Fathers’ declaration many years ago a reality today.

2021 Legislative Update

The Kentucky General Assembly has wrapped up proceedings for the 2021 Regular Session and adjourned “sine die.” Our final legislative days consisted of overriding gubernatorial vetoes, finishing the state budget and approving several other measures that will impact the Commonwealth.

Legislative Update - Week 9

This week’s 30-day Regular Session activity ended with over 100 bills on the Governor’s desk. Having already completed 28 legislative days, both the House and the Senate raced to approve bills through the process until the figurative and literal 11th hour.

Week 8 of the 2021 Regular Session

With the end of the 2021 Regular Session in sight, we are wrapping up legislative efforts by passing a variety of bills and finalizing the state’s annual budget. The General Assembly needs to pass most bills by Tuesday, March 16, to consider any veto overrides that may be necessary.

Week 7 of the 2021 Regular Session

Another week of the 2021 Regular Session is in the books. With only six legislative days left, robust discussion on critical issues is as prominent as ever. While crafting the state budget remains at the forefront of everyone’s minds, we are staying the course to uphold our other legislative obligations as members of the General Assembly by passing bills that include specific reforms and amendments to keep the Commonwealth moving forward.

Week 6 of the 2021 Regular Session

Severe winter weather forced the Kentucky General Assembly to pause Regular Session activity during the week of February 15. My colleagues and I returned to Frankfort on Monday to resume legislative work on your behalf.

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