Week 11 of the 2024 Legislative Session

The Senate brought forth its two-year state spending and proposal for transformational one-time project funding. These were proposed through Senate Committee Substitutes to House Bill (HB) 6 and HB 1. The top priority for the republican supermajorities is to continue lowering your income tax. Through comprehensive tax reforms since 2017, Kentucky has received record business investment and will have left $1.8 billion in taxpayers' pockets by the end of the year. Despite this feat, the state’s budget reserve trust fund is at $3.7 billion, affording us the opportunity for transformational one-time investments.

Week 10 of the 2024 Legislative Session

This week marked the session's inaugural gubernatorial veto with House Bill (HB) 18. The Governor's veto was nothing short of a dismissal of property owners' basic constitutional rights. The bill pre-empts unconstitutional local ordinances that would force those who provide housing options and property owners to accept federal programs. These programs often come with burdensome strings attached, which is all too common with federal funds. Both House and Senate majorities resoundingly overrode the veto. Including an emergency clause, HB 18 has become law.

Week 9 of the 2024 Legislative Session

The Kentucky General Assembly has wrapped up the ninth legislative week of the 2024 Regular Session. The week marked the final period for lawmakers to submit new bills. By the end of the week, 838 bills were filed in the state House of Representatives and 382 in the state Senate. We celebrated Small Business Day in the Capitol on Wednesday. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and provide a strong foundation for communities to thrive.

Week 8 of the 2024 Legislative Session

After a long weekend dedicated to observing Presidents' Day, the Kentucky General Assembly returned to Frankfort on Tuesday. The deadline for bill filings is approaching, so all proposals for consideration in Frankfort will be known by the close of next week.

Week 7 of the 2024 Legislative Session

Having passed the midpoint of the 2024 Regular Session, it's a pivotal time to reflect and renew our dedication to our legislative responsibilities. With just under 30 legislative days remaining, we recommit ourselves to the crucial tasks that lie ahead. Throughout the session, we've had the privilege of hosting various student groups and esteemed guests within the halls of our Capitol. Their presence has infused our deliberations with fresh perspectives, reminding us of the importance of civic engagement and the responsibility we bear to mentor and empower the next generation of leaders in the commonwealth.

Week 6 of the 2024 Legislative Session

The Senate recently received budget recommendations from the state House of Representatives. House Bill (HB) 1 and HB 6, along with related appropriation and revenue bills, will shape the state's next two-year operating budgets for the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. In its unique constitutional role within the budget process, the Senate exercises patience in reviewing proposals, crafting recommendations grounded in disciplined use of taxpayer dollars.