Legislative Update Week Seven 2019

Legislative Update Week Six 2019

Legislative Update - March 1, 2019

Senator Damon Thayer Announces 2018 American Conservative Union Score

2019 Regular Session Week One

Merry Christmas 2018

Kentucky Catholics celebrate it, too 💁🏼‍♂️🙏🏼#ProLifeVictory https://t.co/a8JcnYglEk

@NikkiHaley https://t.co/N0dZczcPB0 @KYSenateGOP @KYHouseGOP

Proud of the work of @KYSenateGOP who have fought for 22 years to defend the unborn(and many more before we became… https://t.co/L3nnpb4wXh

[email protected]_guilfoil is one of the best people I know. If anyone can save HISA implementation, it’s him. We need him to… https://t.co/ubT6JMT1M2

Happy to see my local paper print something positive about the work of the @KYSenateGOP https://t.co/UvHFlXHtAO

Congrats @DanielBellKY !!! https://t.co/2kOkCbScaQ