Legislative Update Week Seven 2019

Legislative Update Week Six 2019

Legislative Update - March 1, 2019

Senator Damon Thayer Announces 2018 American Conservative Union Score

2019 Regular Session Week One

Merry Christmas 2018

Thank you very much for this award! #KYGA21 https://t.co/v08ZIng7nE

RT @KYSenateGOP: Sen. @damon_thayer will be back with @larrygloverlive today at 1:05 p.m. EST to discuss the latest from #KYGA22. Listen…

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We need conservative school board candidates who consider the needs of students first balanced with allegiance to t… https://t.co/PBIz8hZpNq

“Only about a quarter were very confident that Biden “has the mental capability to serve effectively as president”… https://t.co/FCi77WCuu2

RT @KYSenateGOP: Senator Damon Thayer, Georgetown, reviews the process by which bills receive their 3 readings; upon favorable receipt from…